Sunday, November 30, 2014



Today just as I was about to go outside to take some pictures, the heavens opened and it began to absolutely throw it down with rain! So instead of give up on the photo idea, we went down to my friends garage and took the pictures there and actually I really like the darker effects of the pictures. After a while we started meetings around with slow shutter speeds to get loads of movement in the pictures and they look super cool. 
I got sent these leggings from Romwe a while back now but ive recently found a place in my heart for them again. I also think they're super christmasy (expect to see them more hahah.) Ive been playing around with lengths at the moment and im really loving this super super oversized t-shirt (just a basic tank), its so long some people thought it was a dress. And finally I'm wearing these super shiny patent leather shoes, they are a bit out of my confort zone I must admit (I tend to stick to boots or trainers). But I actually really like the shape of these shoes and despite me having bought them for work, they can be made much more casual or jazz up  a pretty laid back outfit.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


1. MAC // Heroine (HERE) & Styled in Sepia (HERE)
2. TOPSHOP// Boardroom (HERE)
3. COLOUR POP// Wet (HERE) & Brills (HERE) & Feminist (HERE) & Raw (HERE)
4. URBAN DECAY// Pulp fiction "Revolution" (HERE)

I never really used to wear lipstick, I mean Ive always been much more attracted to beautiful colours on the perfectly shaped lips than a detailed, shimmery smokey eye, however until recently I never really wore lipstick that much. Since discovering mac lipsticks a few years ago, I now really appreciate lipstick and have become much more daring when it comes to wearing bold lip makeup. 
I have been lusting after this quite bright (almost pinky) purple lip colour 'Heroine' for a while now. I don't currently have any purple lipsticks and I instantly loved this colour (plus its mac.. the smell, the packaging, its just mac). It is actually on my things to buy list next time I get the chance to get into town as I have a gift-card for a department shop which sells mac cosmetics. The second colour I saw on my favourite youtuber, Sunbeamsjess
I dont actually own any topshop lipsticks currently, but Im really hoping to get this colour for christmas so I can try it out. They are not too expensive either. 
Colour pop is a new LA based makeup brand I came across the other day. The have some super cool colour lipsticks (and some awesome lipliners too). I adored this gold-metallicy lipstick colour, it reminds me of the Rhianna Lipstick for mac. The next is a really sweet pink with a hint of lilac in it, i think this colour would look great with a lighter skin tone like my own. 
The next two lipsticks are pretty bold! I chose this dark dark purple over the black lipstick they also have to put in my wishlist mainly because of its name 'feminist' hahaha. And as for the blue, need i say much? Individual, bright, daring... LOVE IT!
To finish off with Im really really super crushing over this deep red, urban decay lipstick. Classic. Both the colour and the film. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014



Sunday, another sunday. The end of the week is meant to be relaxing right? Catch up on work, watch films chill - the past few sundays have been filled with drama in my life!
I bought some new high socks to wear for school on friday evening, however I love new socks and I was looking forward to wearing them too much that I decided to put them on today. And another purchase, this black jumper from H&M. Its really just a simple black jumper, however it has really nice snakeskin detailing that I'm really into. The "dress" Im wearing is actually a super large men's shirt, but its long enough to cover up all it needs to - but I did pop on some black shorts underneath just in case. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Jeremy Scott x ADIDAS //HERE

Typo ADIDAS collection - leggings //HERE

Jourdan Dunn rocking ADIDAS fishnet

Adidas has actually come out with some super great pieces over the past few year, be it the Typo collection or Jeremy Scott collaborations, Im loving it! I picked out three of my favourite piece, Im not sure if the fishnet jumper is out for sale yet, but how amazing is it! However, even if you can't get hold of this one, Rita Ora did collab with adidas and bring out a mesh black jumper which is kinda similar. These leggings are definitely on my xmas list, but its worth checking out the whole of the collection - I know it is available at Urban Outfitters and now on Asos aswell!

I love how individual all of these pieces are and despite adidas having quite a sporty vibe, they can easily be dressed in loads of different ways.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Excuse the absolutely atrocious quality of there pictures, Im hoping to sort this out soon! However I was inspired to show you this little outfit I put together. It consists of a Flip Skateboard Tee I got for 50p at a charity shop and a figure-hugging, silver metallic skirt from New Yorker which also was super cheap in the sales. I dyed the top with bleach giving the spiral effect. I love the almost futuresque vibe of the skirt combined with the very urban style top. 

Oh my 'MOSCHINO' phone case I got in Camden at on of the stalls in the street markets.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


FIRST: Top // Camden - Skirt // Zara
SECOND: Top & Shoes // Primark - Leggings // Romwe - Shirt // Flee market

At the moment I am becoming quite obsessive with a-line skirts. Since I bought this hounds tooth one and two others from Zara its pretty much all Ive been wearing. I paired it with this adidas shirt to contrast the 'smarter' vibe with a bit of a sporty feel. This skirt is super flattering, its shape and the material is lovely and it wasn't too expensive either! The next outfit is a little daring, I haven't worn these leggings much since I was sent them by Romwe actually but I decided to pair them up! I wore a similar colour top, kind of giving a two-piece vibe to the outfit and to tone down the loudness of the two piece I wore this oversize brown shirt and some all black Timberland dupes. 
A little update. GUYS... I got a visa, so I cant finally shop online (yes this is going to be very dangerous for my bank account.) However Im super excited to get a few pieces I've been lusting over for ages!

Monday, November 10, 2014


My recent trip to beautiful Paris. I had an amazing long weekend with a few friends, we managed to see quite a bit of the city. I was not the first time I have visited Paris but I still loved it like the first. Im hoping to spend one of my university years there. There are a few peaks of outfits I wore in these pictures and a few little places we visited! Enjoy



Back to blogging. I really needed a creativity outlet back in my life, so here I am. Plus I have a whole lot of new things to show you guys. Here is just a simple little post to let you know Im back. My new Urban Outfitters "FUCK" socks. (Badass over here!!!) I couldnt find the UO ones online but here are a similar pair.
I have really been enjoying the simplicity of white nail varnish at the moment and I am deperately trying to grow out my nails. Ive been crushing over Stella hudgens and Ellen Atlanta's nails so much! Before xmas, I will have perfect nails (Ill let you guys know how thats going!) A little holographic purse and boho clutch in the background there.
Oh and my plaited hair!